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Churches and chapels

Matrei offers an exciting art and culture which is characterized in the sacred buildings of a deep religiosity. You can not expect grandiose catehdral and monastic buildings, because in this century the people were a small scale and isolated folk. It deserves all or our admiration what they have done. It should be noted that many buildings were destroyed by debacles, incomprehension and unreason. Now it is our job to obtain and maintain the remaining values.


You will find this church directly in the centre of Matrei.

Further churches and chapels

  • Alte Totenkapelle
  • Anna Kapelle
  • Bachkapelle
  • Ganzer Hauskapelle
  • Josefskapelle
  • Kapelle zu Hinteregg
  • Klaunzkapelle
  • Kreuzbichlkapelle
  • Lourdeskapelle
  • Neue Friedhofskapelle
  • Berger Kirchle
  • Bichler Kirchle
  • Falter Hauskapelle
  • Feldner Kirchle
  • Gereiter Kirchle
  • Getauer Kirchle
  • Klausner Kapelle
  • Lackner Kirchle
  • Luntschit Kapelle
  • Nepomukkapelle
  • Niggler Kapelle
  • Roana Kapelle
  • Zedlacher Kapelle

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