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At the Peak of Enjoyment

This is an indescribable experience: looking at over 60, 3000 m high peaks from the summit is a pleasure for the senses... especially while enjoying homemade, traditional delicacies of Tyrolean cuisine. In other words: a fest for the eyes and the taste buds. The hut and snack stations in the Matrei region are renowned for their excellent cuisine.

Here is a small selection:

Huts in the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park

The Äußere Steiner Alm is located at an elevation of 1,909 m. From here, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains.
The high alpine hut in the Venediger group pampers guests with traditional Tyrolean cuisine. Due to its location at an elevation of 2,608 m, it is Austria's highest wine tavern.
The hut is located at an elevation of 1,700 m centrally in the heart of the ruggedly romantic Gschlößtal, around 700 m from the Gschlöß rock chapel.
This mountain inn is located at an elevation of 2,150 m in the Großglockner Resort. The architecturally remarkable house places great importance on homemade cooking.
Around 45 min. from the Äußere Steiner Alm is the Hoanzer Alm, built of slate, at an elevation of 1,770 m. Culinary highlights include homemade sheep and goat milk products.
This hut is located at an elevation of 2,207 m and delights visitors with grandiose panoramas of the 3000 m high summits of the Glockner, Schober, and Venediger groups.
This snack station is located at an elevation of 1,700 m on the Klaunzerberg and is an ideal starting point for mountain tours and hikes.
Surrounded by lush alpine meadows and old alpine huts is this alpine inn at an elevation of 1,512 m. This inn with a tradition of providing refreshments for packers is famous for its home-style cooking.
Romantic alp in the valley Froßnitztal!
This alpine association hut in the middle of the impressive glacier world of the Hohe Tauern National Park was built in 1904. At an elevation of 2,796 m, this rustic hut offers the most beautiful climb to the Venediger.
Where packers once crossed the Tauern is where this mountain climber's hut is located - on the Passhöhe of the Felbertauern, the ancient crossing between Salzburg and East Tyrol.
The Strumerhof is in a category of its own. "Simple pleasures" is the motto, which is hard to believe considering the sophistication of the dishes.
It is the only central base in the southern Granatspitz group. The Sudentendeutsche Hütte is located at an elevation of 2,650 m in a magnificent panoramic location on the Obere Steineralm.
The house in the romantic alpine village Innergschlöß is a popular excursion. The Venedigerhaus probably owes its popularity to its enchanting location and certainly because of its legendary gourmet food.
The snack station at an elevation of 1,825 m is open from Whitsun to the end of October. The Wodenalm is famous for its traditional cuisine made from products from local farms.
High over Matrei at an elevation of 1,848 m is the Zunigalm, famous for its cuisine.

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