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Hiking Tips

Wonderful Diversity

Rugged mountain peaks, mighty rock faces, perpetual glaciers, green meadows – hike in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the Alps. The network of hiking paths in the Matrei region has many branches and offers diversity to meet all demands.

Tauerntal Hiking Path
The Tauerntal Hiking Path is an easy hike without extreme gradients. Scenically and topographically diverse, the path leads from an elevation of 1,000 m to 1,700 m.
Innerglschlöß at the foot of the Großvenediger
It is undeniably the most beautiful valley head in the East Alps: the Innergschlöß at the foot of the Großvenediger.
Europa Panoramic Path
This is the name of the game: the panorama of over 60 3,000 m high peaks cannot be described. You just have to see it.
Zedlach paradise forest theme path
The Zedlach Paradise is an ancient cultivated landscape with the oldest population of larch in Tyrol. This easy hike leads through a magical forest.
Umbal Falls spectacular
You definitely have to see the spectacular Umbal Falls. This nature-power path is Europe's first water theme path and natural landmark in Tyrol.
This walk is from Glanz to the Edelweiswiese. Over there you will reach the Äußere Steiner Alm which is 1909 m above sealevel.
This hike brings you to the so called Zunigalm and Arnitzalm. If you want to see a marvelous lake, you must go to the beautiful Zunigsee. After an easy ascent you reach the Arnitzalm.
A beautiful trip in Innergschlöß with a stunning view of the glacier of the Großvenediger.
The eye-catching symbol of the Venediger group is the Großvenediger (3.666 m) - the „Majesty of the Alps“, with the most impressive glaicier in the Eastern Alps. For both the experienced walker and the climbing enthusiast there is something of interest along the alpine track Venediger.
It leads via forests, alpine meadows, cirques and summits.

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