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Hoanzer Alm

Edelweißwiese - Äußere Steiner Alm - Innere Steiner Alm ("Hoanzer Alm")

The starting point for this walk is the car park in Glanz. You can reach Glanz over the Felbertauernstrasse about 1 km north toward Felber Tauern - turn Hinterburg /Glanz - about 10 minutes uphill to the parking lot . It is possible that a taxi bring you to the shine. From the parking lot you walk for about 45 minutes until the start of Edelweißwiese . There a way leads you about 40 minutes to the Äußeren Steiner Alm in 1,909 m above sea level.

As descent you can take the same way back or the steeper descent to Felber Tauernstuberl (about 2 hours) .

Those who wish to migrate further are able to go from the Äußeren Steiner Alm across the meadows to the Inneren Steiner Alm (" Hoanzer Alm " about 1 hour). The descent from the Inneren Steiner Alm ( " Hoanzer Alm " ) via the Weilerstein (about 1 hour ) ends at the Felber Tauern Stüberl. Both descents to Felber Tauernstüberl pass by the remarkable "Oberen Steiner Wasserfall ."

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