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Zedlach Paradise forest theme path

An easy hike through an enchanting larch forest

The Zedlach Paradise is an ancient cultural landscape with the oldest population of larch in Tyrol. An easy hike leads through this enchanting forest.

The Zedlach Paradise is an archaic experience. The giant, gnarled trees are an amazing 500 years old. Some of the larches will impress you with a trunk circumference of 7 meters. The yellow color of the needles is an especially fascinating natural spectacle in late autumn.

The trail includes 7 stations. Each station provides information about the forest, its animals, and its function in the ecosystem. The trail is lined by a 3 meter tall bear, a large eagle owl, four owls, a woodpecker, mites, springtails, and a huge ant. These imaginative figures were forged by Matrei metalsmith Erich Trost.

Refreshment opportunities: Wodenalm, Gosserhof

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